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Tse Chen Ling Buddhist Lectures
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Buddhist Psychology; Mind and Mental Process (Lorig) Complete Series Basic Buddhist Studies Program Emily Hsu "All human accomplishment is preceded by correct cognition." Mind and Mental Process (Lo Rig in Tibetan) begins with the study of mind, both in its valid and distorted forms along with the relationship between subject and object, and between thought and reality. The second part of the class introduces us to Buddhist psychology, where we'll study the various positive &...
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Topics: Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Mind, Mental Factors, Psychology, Lorig, Philosophy, Mahayana,...
Source: Basic Buddhist Studies Program
Tse Chen Ling Buddhist Lectures
by Ven. Rita Riniker
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Overcoming Laziness: Finding Joy in Practice The biggest obstacle to meditation (or any practice, really) is the laziness of "just not feeling like". How do we identify this laziness and how can we replace it with a deep joy in practice? Ven. Rita leads us in exploration, discussion and meditation on this troublemaker, and gain some simple skills to use at home. Dharma practice, laziness, joy, effort, perserverance, mental states, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, psychology
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Source: Lectures and Events
Dharma Records Audio
by Anandajoti Bhikkhu
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This collection of verses, made by one of the leading scholar-monks in Sri Lanka in the 20th century, is one of the most useful compiliations on the moral life of the layman that can be found. Drawn mainly from the great verses collections in the Pāḷi Nikāyas almost all aspects of the lay life have been covered, and it brings together in a fairly comprehensive way many teachings that would otherwise be lost in obscurity. Throughout the book it is possible to find teachings on all matters of...
Topics: Dhamma, Dharma, Virtue, Ethics, Wisdom
Tse Chen Ling Buddhist Lectures
by Ven. Losang Monlam
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How to Meditate Discovering Buddhism Program Ven. Losang Monlam Tse Chen Ling Center This primer provides the basics of meditation, how to sit properly, and how to setup a meditation session. Students will be taught different meditation techniques and how to recognize and deal with obstacles to their meditation practice.
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Topics: Buddhism, Tse Chen Ling Center, Tibetan Buddhism, Meditation, Ven. Losang Monlam, Discovering...
Source: Discovering Buddhism Program